My Passion Continues…Why I do what I do

Valerie Meyer
Let me help you look ahead and plan for your future

I place the needs of my clients first, with genuine sincerity, honesty and integrity.

While developing long-term relationships built on trust, sincerity and service, I strive to provide excellent financial advice and service. I am committed to enhancing the financial well-being of my clients.

I have been a part of the Financial Services industry for almost 2 decades as well as being a self-employed small business owner for more than half of that time. At the age of 37, my spouse, Paul was diagnosed with a critical illness, with no opportunity to return to work. His condition forced us to live on disability insurance income for more than 16 years. My corporate and personal life experiences have given me an ideal foundation for my work focusing on helping you to be better protected against living benefit risks: injury, accident and illness. My husband getting sick was a financial disaster for our family, and I learned a lot about insurances.

Meyer family 2010
A Meyer family Christmas, 2010

Sadly, Paul lost his battle on January 31st, 2011. It is a whole new world to be widowed and a single parent, of 3 children.

There are many financial implications of the life decisions you make. When you make decisions about your money, what can happen? I can show you. I can help you achieve peace of mind with your finances, by showing you how to protect all of your assets, and keeping more of what you have earned or saved.

I enjoy networking and building meaningful relationships with my clients. I appreciate the loyalty and trust that my clients have in me, knowing that they have a choice in their financial advice

2020 Update: It has been 9 years since my husband passed away suddenly. Grief will never leave, but it does become easier. I believe that I am a survivor, and my passion continues even more now to help other women, who are single – whether by chance (death) or by choice! I have found a new love with a widower, my children have grown and have become fantastic young adults, and as of December 2019, I have received a new job role – grandmother! Life can be wonderful!

My service to you:

All of the personalized plans and strategies are customized to YOU and YOUR best interests, with a holistic approach. Unlike most other financial strategists, each of my clients are treated as individuals who have different needs and goals. I was the bread-earner for my family over many years. I learned how to balance work, family and play. With my first-hand experience, I have learned to ask you the right questions to help you answer these difficult questions. Becoming ill or dying too soon can happen to anyone. I am here to help you before anything happens to you. With 30 minutes of your time, I can guarantee you will learn some valuable information. Since none of us know what can happen tomorrow, give me a call now.

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