Learning Event – Why All Investors Should Consider ETF’s in Their Investment Portfolios

EXCLUSIVE November Topic: How Do You Like Your ETF’s?

Wednesday, November 8th (12-1pm) Learn@Lunch – Relish Cooking Studio, Regina Street, North, Waterloo http://www.relishcookingstudio.com/events/learn-lunch-winning-ways-for-women/

Wednesday, November 8th (6:15-7:45pm) Stanley Park Branch – Kitchener Library (not main branch) Enter off Heritage Drive, Kitchener ($5 Door Donation for Anselma House)

Exchange-Traded Funds, in your Money Saving Solutions, are becoming increasingly popular among women who want to invest, with choices, in order to sleep better at night.

This event has got you covered and will share the wide range of benefits associated with ETF investing. Pay less fees will put more money in your pocket in your future dreams/goals.
Kirsten Woodhouse, VP, Regional Sales, BMO Global Asset Management will join Valerie Meyer and share the things you want to know about creating an investment plan designed for the 21st Century.
As well, maximize your 2017 tax deductions with critical year-end planning tips. Don’t miss the deadlines! It could cost you!

Why should you attend? Women want to become more educated and involved in their financials – protection and money/investing. These events are non-pressuring, and very informative.  It is an opportunity to meet new ‘like minded’ women.

Just send me an email that you will be attending!

Rave Reviews by attendees:

Comfortable Place to Share & Learn!   Always Learn something New!   Great Energy, Honest Sharing!Great Information!  Always learn something new! Great food! Great women! Very enjoyable! Loved the presentations! Very Informative! Just for Women!

Previous events have had topics such as:

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  • November 2016 – The Lawyer Chat – Protecting Your Life after Death

To be included in the Wise Women Club’s ‘invitation listing’, go to Contact Page and send me an email. Look forward to meeting you!

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