For Women Only

Many women feel they are not taken seriously by their financial providers

Women talking

As a female, you may value the advice of a female advisor, who understand that we have different needs and wants. By working with you, I can help you ensure that your business financial plan can benefit with the importance of ‘quality of life’, through proper personalized protection solutions.

I have helped many women, who are covered under their spouse’s company benefit plan, to understand who is covered and who is not covered for disability protection. Many women have been quite surprised to realize that they did not have any disability protection. As well, many do not understand the ‘unknown’ shortfalls of their benefit plan.

As a woman working in a man’s world, I have learned that smart, savvy, independently-minded women want to experience a connection that is conducive to their style. Women prefer to work with a professional who can communicate effectively, in order to become more engaged in the process and more interested in making good financial decisions, while taking away stress and worry. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you, too!