Planning and Process

MeetingYou can expect no high pressure selling from me. I value your opinions and feelings, as any woman would, because more than likely I have been there. Through a casual, relaxed, meaningful conversation, in a location convenient to you (including your home, if you wish), I can show you areas exposed to financial risk, and it may include your family, as well as your business. Any solutions discussed and created will follow clear, understandable processes.  I continue to remain loyal to my clients with on-going service, meeting at least once per year, or even more, if you like. As well, I also provide social media information, with email newsletters and seminar sessions, which continue to help educate my clients, in areas of budgeting, debt reduction, risk protection, and wealth creation/protection.

I have lived through many years of personal experiences: my employee/sole proprietor working years, living with disability insurance for many years, becoming a widow far too soon, becoming an orphan with elderly parents suffering through Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes severe side effects. I have personally learned the value of disability insurance when you need the monthly payments to be paid, the value of life insurance to pay for the replacement of the loss of my husband’s income, and the value of segregated investment funds when my husband’s and parents estates were paid out tax-free, and able to by-pass to me tax-free and avoid probate taxes. I continue to educate myself in all of these areas, so that I can service you, as my current clients, with sincere, authentic compassion, knowledge, and because I care about YOU. At the end of the day, I will be there for you and/or your family.

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