COVID-19 Update in 2020

What an epic time we have been caught in! I always wondered if we would experience an pandemic in our lifetime, but did not really think this nightmare would actually appear! When we consider the flu of 1919 and now the coronavirus of 2020, I am pleased that I will not be around in 2121. To think all this happened because of an animal somewhere in China, and over time, the whole world is affected.

How are you feeling right now? Whether you are a client of mine or not, and you feel you need someone to chat with or have your financial plan reviewed, I can help you.

Reminder that anyone in the market should have a 7-10 year horizon and their plan should be able to address one’s risk tolerance with market volatility. Bear in mind, during this bear market, it is felt like a horrendous storm. However, you never change the course of the ship when you are in a middle of a storm. If you were in the market in 2019, you would have seen amazing returns. The past couple of weeks have eaten away that growth. Keep in mind, you can never time the market – going in and out can be disastrous. It is time IN the market that is your friend. If you pull out your money, and you miss the 10 best days of growth, you will have missed out on so much and may never get any of that lost money back EVER!

Listening to many economists and portfolio managers, in the past couple of weeks, this downturn is NOT 2008! It is due to a pandemic and the panicky reactions of investors. When we get through this, the market will probably rise again, and I hope you are still with us to enjoy it!

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