It’s Budget Time!

If you don’t have a budget, then can I add this to your ‘To Do’ List? It is important to know where your money goes. As my mother would have said, ‘ it is important to live within your means.’ I remember seeing her budget books, for instance from 1949. She had a budget of $30 per month. She was sneaky, and found that the bag of chips for 50 cents, from the Auditorium, was a necessary purchase. Ha! Ha! But she still kept within her budget. It is better to put your savings aside as soon as you get your paycheque. If you wait until the end of your pay period, you may not have the necessary amount (10% for men, 15-20% for women) to put aside for savings. As well, if you have credit card debt, get rid of that, by putting them away until your debts are paid off. Avoid going out for meals, or unnecessary purchases until these are paid down. Be realistic, if you are not good with credit cards, then don’t use them! Having a budget does not mean never buying a latte, or having lunch out, it just means know how much you are allowed to spend on a weekly basis, to keep within your means. There is definitely a sense of freedom and peace when you find yourself eliminating debt. If you need help with this, contact me, and I can work with you through my MoneyFinder program. It is free to you, and will definitely help you find the money and the savings! Let me know if I can help you in any way. Happy Saving – just $25/week is $1,300 for the year!