The Thought of Critical Illness Protection

Yesterday, I received a phone call from The Waterloo-Wellington Breast Centre after my recent mammogram. Last week, I had mentioned to the technician that I wanted the ‘all is good’ letter but instead I get this phone call that I need to go back in for a few more angled pictures. That phone call caused me to remember the phone call from 1995 when our family doctor confirmed my husband had a brain tumour. Many ‘sick to the stomach’ feelings come alive with just one phone call. So, what was I thinking about yesterday? Did I miss something myself? Did I start to feel new pain that I had never felt before? What happens if….? The value of my critical illness protection policy and my disability insurance policy came to the forefront to help me feel the ‘valued’ peace of mind that I will be ok financially. You may not believe in the power of prayers, but I do, and I will pray that all is good.

The power of prayer…Back in June, my friend and I were put on a waiting list for a European tour in September. She is very strong in praying, and guess what? Yesterday, we received the call that we’re in!! Things happen when you believe!