Is a Home a Nest Egg or an Investment Risk?

We may all agree that our home is our largest asset, besides our ability to work and earn an income. However, keep in mind, for yourself or even your parents, that a home could be a large investment risk as we near retirement. If you don’t have a large retirement portfolio of investments, and rely only on your home for your retirement, it may mean that you are sitting on too large of one type of investment. One should realistically think about downsizing about 10 years before retirement. The excess cash could be directed towards investment portfolios, spreading out your risk.

What do you think? Do you believe that your large family home could be an investment risk? Share your thoughts….

MONEY SAVING TIP OF THE WEEK: Could it be a myth that bargains are had at the Farmer’s Market just before closing? Hovering around vendors, as they are prepping to close shop, may just stress them out. Try going early, while the vendors are enjoying their coffees, and have time to chat. You may have a conversation that can build rapport, and lead to some great savings!