My first initial blog post

Well, I am jumping in to the 21st century, so I can become social with those who want to connect with me. As I begin this blogging thing, it is hard to believe it is the middle of 2015 – 6 months ago was Christmas, and 6 months from now is Christmas. Wow! I don’t want the summer to rush by, especially after another harsh winter.  On the side, we just passed through my most favourite month of the year – May! The month I live for! June is good, too, but only a distant second to May!

My future blog posts will relate to the world of insurance and investments – talk about money topics and issues that are current in my world. Feel free to connect with me if there are topics that you would like more information on, as well. This blog is for all of us to learn more and become more confident, independent and savvy with our money!